Node Servers

This is our fastest and most efficient model, delivering high performance, exceptional uptime and the greatest value.


The Node Server 20 is our mid-level product.  It's designed for growing enterprises that need more speed than the mini, while maintaining the option to scale.  Up to 4 Node Server 20's can be connected in parallel, allowing rapid expansion without downtime.


The Node Server Mini is our entry-level offer, still delivering blistering fast calculations at a price any small business can afford.


Starting from the ground-up, we determined to build a system optimized for SME's in the FinTech space.  Using a mix of off the shelf hardware and customized peripherals, we assembled a reliable workhorse of a server.

From that point, we began at the BIOS level of every component and tweaked them for the greatest operational efficiency and speed in handling financial transactions.

Finally, we packaged these servers into a node and wrote proprietary software for our engineers to manage and maintain each node seamlessly.  We call these Node Servers, and this is our most productive machine to date.

The result is a highly efficient machine that can handle billions of financial calculations per second at a fraction of our competitor's cost!

Our systems are a turn-key solution and include full 24/7 maintenance for the 36 month life expectancy of the equipment.

Rapid deployment allows us to have most organizations up and running in less than 60 days.

Here are our current product offerings and their associated speed and pricing.  Contact us for more information on any of these systems: