ASIC Miners & Innovation

We’re in Shenzhen, China looking at the latest technology in the ASIC Mining space, which has taken dramatic leaps forward in the past 2 years.  From Bitmain’s Sophon product for Artificial Intelligence to new 8nm chips.  For the past couple of years, as we have focused on GPU-mining, the ASIC space has slowly innovated and spread out to encompass algorithms beyond SHA-256 and Scrypt.  Now, machines are being made that mine everything from Equihash to CryptoNight.

At the same time, many of the coin communities have balked at the ASIC entry into these markets and have threatened or actually forked chains in order to prevent ASIC domination and 51% attacks.

As a company, we are taking an active role in developing and innovating in both spaces and will soon have an exciting announcement about an ASIC product that we believe is the best product on the market today, and of a quality that we haven’t seen since Spondoolies Tech merged with BTCS.

Here’s an item we’re excited about manufacturing and introducing to the US Market:

  • High efficiency power supplies
  • Water Cooling
  • Large scale Modular mining rigs for enterprise

Stay tuned for more details from our trip!


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